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Trapeze eFiler

A Simple Solution to Organize and Route Scanned PaperAdditional Info

CVISION's eFiler delivers a flexible, server-based software solution to automatically classify and distribute documents. Handling paper within an office environment is cumbersome and time-consuming. In order to maximize employees' time, organizations can leverage technology to transform paper-based information into fully text-searchable, compressed PDFs. eFiler helps to ensure that image-based documents are not lost or misfiled, while reducing costs and enhancing efficiencies. eFiler processes image documents that are unclassified and disorganized from scanners, file folders, or fax servers and organizes these documents into a folder structure. Documents can also be routed to users, groups, or a managed repository.

eFiler is the perfect fit for both organizations introducing SharePoint as well as organizations looking to maximize their investment in SharePoint. eFiler maps directly to an organization's hierarchical taxonomy for auto classification and declaration to both SharePoint and leading records management solutions, allowing organization's to maximize their investment in these systems. Folder structures can be copied into SharePoint to ensure documents are organized properly.

Document profile fields can be mapped to SharePoint terms, while additional profile fields (based on document content) can be defined and either filled out by a records coordinator or automatically extracted from the document image. CVISION's eFiler automatically routes documents into SharePoint, network folders, or emails them to specified users.

Benefits of CVISION's eFiler
  • Automatically organize, route, classify paper-based documents
  • Export classified documents into MS SharePoint or folder structure
  • Reduce costs by automatically classifying and routing documents
  • Create a convenient tool for employees to locate image-based information instantly
  • Produce files that are easier to email, share, and transmit with advanced file compression
  • Create fully text-searchable files with highly accurate OCR
  • Optimize employee time by automatically routing documents

Validation Module for Additional Control

For additional control and higher accuracy, eFiler features a validation module for classified documents requiring further review. Documents satisfying the user-defined confidence criteria can be automatically filed into SharePoint with no further intervention. Any documents requiring user review are presented validation, which enables the records coordinator to indicate the appropriate classification. Classifications made during the validation process are leveraged as part of eFiler's feedback loop and machine learning process which continually enhances accuracy. Following validation, approved documents are automatically uploaded to the appropriate location according to their routing rules.

Advanced Machine Learning for Improved Classification

CVISION's eFiler leverages advanced machine learning which enables organizations to easily train on an unlimited number of document types. As eFiler processes more documents, it gets smarter by understanding an organization's business and classification rules. Additionally, eFiler can learn classification rules based on an existing file system or SharePoint taxonomy. Alternatively, a classification system can be built automatically by analyzing the documents within a single folder.

Trapeze eFiler: Your Automated Digital Mailroom Solution

CVISION's Trapeze can be leveraged to automate and classify incoming documents from a typical point of entry - your company mailroom. As mail enters your company the distribution is usually a manual and labor intensive process. eFiler can automatically classify, route and email documents to the appropriate recipients, accelerating document distribution. A time-consuming, paper-based and expensive process that traditionally required several employees can be streamlined dramatically with CVISION's eFiler.

Built for High Volume Processing

CVISION's eFiler is a server-based product built for high volume document processing. File formats including PDF, TIFF, and JPG can be processed in batch mode or through watched folders to enable an unattended workflow. eFiler supports parallel processing for maximizing available CPUs. To achieve further efficiencies, eFiler can be seamlessly integrated with CVISION's other Trapeze suite products to facilitate automated data extraction (including solutions for invoice and forms processing). The Trapeze suit allows organizations to create a portal to control business processes.

Support Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles (GARP) Initiatives

Document routing enables organizations to digitize and automate paper-based portals while supporting GARP.

  • Protection of potentially sensitive data by routing information directly to appropriate individuals and leveraging existing information security protocols
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements by maintaining an audit trail of process
  • Timely>Availability and ongoing ease of access
  • DocumentRetention through auto-classification and PDF/A conversion

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