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Powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM)

With the continuing growth of mobile devices used in day-to-day business, companies have to think about comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM). Our Windows-based solution with complete Active Directory integration, fast enrollment, dynamic group management and broad PowerShell Support makes it extremely easy to integrate and manage tablets, smartphones and notebooks in the enterprise.

Advanced MDM: More Than Just Device Management

Productivity of mobile employees is only assured once the mobile devices are connected to the company network with all its resources. That's why the Cortado Corporate Server's Management Console allows IT administrators to manage devices, users and applications as well as all the user rights, policies, profiles, certificates and security settings relevant to accessing the corporate network.

Fast Enrollment: Quickly & Easily Integrate Mobile Devices into the IT Environment via QR Codes

With Cortado Corporate Server, IT departments integrate mobile devices with just a few clicks into the corporate IT environment – without requiring user interaction. Time-consuming help desk calls while setting up devices are no longer an issue. Via the Management Console, the administrator assigns the users their device and the relevant rights. Fast Enrollment is done via an automatically generated QR code which ensures quick and easy deployment. When the administrator scans this code, all certificates, the MDM profile and the Cortado Client are installed on the mobile device; these devices can then be distributed, fully preconfigured, to users.

Broad PowerShell Support

The integrated Windows PowerShell configuration enables simplified management and automation of MDM processes. Administrators can execute and connect over 100 simple PowerShell commands on a command line, e.g. to deactivate existing users, to assign specific printers or drives to one, or all users in an instance. Especially larger organizations with many users benefit from these enhanced options.

Samsung MDM (SAFE) Support

Support for Samsung SAFE, Samsung’s mobile device management features, is integrated with Cortado Corporate Server. Many options are available including application management, the enabling or disabling of features on Samsung devices, location management, VPN configuration, kiosk mode and more. Configuration of these features can be made easily and quickly in the Management Console of Cortado Corporate Server.

One solution for all devices – including PC and Mac

Whether iOS, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone – Cortado Corporate Server supports all current operating systems for smartphones and tablets. But even more: notebooks of mobile employees and PCs and Macs in home offices are incorporated in the device management thanks to the Cortado HTML5 client. The available functions adapt flexibly to the respective requirements of the individual devices as well as the existing IT environment (adaptive MDM).

Management Console: 24/7 access with any web-enabled device

The web-based Management Console is easy-to-use for administrators and quickly accessible over the internet. The intuitive user interface leverages the latest HTML5 standards and is optimized for PCs and tablets. Supporting mobile employees who rely on fast assistance outside of business hours could not be easier.

Easy iOS Print Management

With the new version, iPad and iPhone users use the native iOS printing function for quick and easy printing to any available network printers. For administrators, integrating and managing this print function is very simple: thanks to Active Directory integration, the allocation of printers to the respective users is made in accordance with the Active Directory rights using specific iOS printing profiles. Instantly, users have exactly the same list of printers available on their iPad or iPhone, which they have on their desktop.

Adaptive MDM: Optimal support of any device

Mobile device management with Cortado Corporate Server is based on Microsoft ActiveSync, Apple Push, Samsung MDM and Cortado’s own MDM services. Together these provide an abundance of management functions that, thanks to adaptive MDM, are used to the best extent possible with each device according to its requirements and the environment.

Simple, Secure Wi-Fi & VPN Configuration

Wi-Fi and VPN settings are configured easily via Cortado Corporate Server’s Management Console. This allows them to be instantly rolled out to individual iOS users, groups or even across the entire enterprise. Wi-Fi certificates ensure users automatically have the right settings and only access Wi-Fi networks with approved Apple devices. Knowledge of the Wi-Fi password is not sufficient, both the user profile and device must be accepted by the network. These factors combine to significantly increase security levels for the enterprise.

Simplified Certificate Management with SCEP Server

With a SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol) server included, businesses have a simplified means of handling certificates for large-scale implementation to everyday users. Certificates are essential for effective MDM and secure communication between the server, clients and users. One of the main advantages is that purchasing the enterprise version of Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012 is not necessary.

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