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PDFOptimizer for EMC Captiva

Optimize EMC Captiva with Compression, OCR, & Encryption

PdfOptimizer for EMC Captiva is a complete document optimization solution that offers a powerful combination of compression and OCR. PdfOptimizer for EMC Captiva creates the most efficient files possible through its advanced compression settings, image processing techniques, and superior OCR capability. PdfOptimizer integrates seamlessly with EMC Captiva, allowing users to benefit from the most optimized PDFs possible.

The compression component of PdfOptimizer for EMC compresses black and white image files by a factor of 5x-10x and color image files by a factor of 10x-100x. Compressed files look visually identical as the original files and are fully compatible with Adobe Reader. By reducing file size, documents can be emailed, transmitted, and stored more efficiently.

Users of PdfOptimizer can also benefit from reduced storage and bandwidth requirements. Corporate users with a high-volume of documents are able to reduce storage costs. Smaller file sizes not only eliminate the need to purchase more storage but also accelerate document accessibility and transmission of documents.

PdfOptimizer for EMC Captiva enables organizations to become increasingly mobile. Through advanced compression, image based documents can be reduced to a fraction of its size. Thus, making mobile opening and viewing PDFs dramatically faster, increasing information accessibility. Smaller documents are also cheaper to store as they require less bandwidth.

Put the power of PDFOptimizer for EMC Captiva to work for you. PDFOptimizer for EMC Captiva is the compression software of choice for giants like FedEx, GMAC, Boeing, Sprint and Bank One. It’s also the choice for hundreds of other satisfied clients, with proven results on over one billion documents.

Benefits to EMC Captiva

  • OCR support in 118 languages including Arabic
  • Advanced compression to reduce storage and bandwidth requirements while accelerating document accessibility and transmission
  • 508 compliant software accessible to persons with disabilities
  • PDFs are compatible with Acrobat 5.0 or later
  • PDF/A output for document archival
  • Multiple OCR settings for varying accuracy and speed
  • Multi-threaded processing support in both batch and service modes
  • PDF functionality: annotations, date stamp, page stamp, Bates stamp, custom text, metadata insertion, output to custom page dimensions
PDF Optimization:

The PDF Optimization Suite can compress electronic, image, and hybrid PDFs into perceptually lossless documents. It has the ability to reduce up to 2X-10X the original size. It allows the conversion of image formats to web-optimized PDF, with document features of web optimization, document splitting, metadata insertion, and viewer preferences. For security, there are password encryption, read/write/edit protection, print protection/ restrictions, and process password-protected files. Furthermore, the PDF Optimization Suite allows for annotations such as headers, footers, stamps and watermarks.

OCR & Text Search/Indexing:
  • Full-text PDF search for electronic, image, and complex hybrid documents
  • 4 OCR modes including super-accurate mode with voting engine
  • Fast, multithreaded OCR
  • Robust document indexing
  • Multi-language and custom dictionary support
  • Zonal OCR for fixed form data extraction
  • Multi-directional text recognition
  • Output text to XML and MS Office formats
  • Section 508 compliance for the visually impaired
  • Vector-based character recognition (CAD/CAM)
Advanced PDF:
  • Render PDF to image
  • File-based OCR to preserve electronic content (bookmarks, hyperlinks, etc.)
  • Convert PDF files to PDF/A for archiving and records management
  • Process complex PDFs including: PDF/A, PDF/X, packages and portfolios

CVISION's accurate OCR features:

By utilizing Maestro's advanced image processing techniques, the OCR engine has proven to be the most accurate OCR engine available. More accurate OCR translates into more reliable text-searches, more accurate data extractions, and more efficient employees.

  • Watched Folder for automated OCR process results
  • Batch OCR for large volume
  • Robust Batch OCR functionality including error log files and confidence controls
  • Control output generated in 10 different formats
  • Supports OCR input of 11 different file formats including TIFF & PDF
MS Office Converter:
  • MS Office to PDF, MS Office to image, full-text extraction and indexing

EMC Integration:
  • Create compressed PDF files based on how document pages are rearranged via the Captiva interface: Split, Merge, Delete and Reorder pages as necessary to conform to the new page arrangement specified
  • Fully interoperable with EMC product line
  • PDF software solutions through EMC Captiva for over 10 years
  • PDFOptimizer is an integrated PDF solution for Captiv

Benefits of Maestro Recognition Server

Maestro provides a server-based OCR solution to create searchable PDFs. Maestro distinguishes itself from other engines through the level of OCR accuracy provided: Maestro has been tested to provide the most accurate English OCR available, for both bitonal and color document capture. Maestro has the ability to process large volumes of documents fast, providing employees with improved accessibility to scanned paper.

Advanced Image Processing

Maestro Recognition Server differentiates itself through advanced image processing capabilities. With Maestro, images can be deskewed & despeckled for enhanced document quality. Maestro also supports IP features, including auto-rotation, auto color inversion, auto-cropping, and color re-sampling. Maestro's robust image processing functionality provides enhanced image quality and greater OCR accuracy.

Advanced PDF Control

Maestro Recognition Server provides superior PDF control including: web-optimization, advanced security, PDF/A compliance, metadata insertion, PDF display control, Bates stamping, and headers & footers. Maestro can output a web-optimized PDF for fast Internet viewing, allowing users to view a single page within the PDF immediately. Maestro also provides advanced security functionality, including options for edit-protection, print-protection, and read-protection. With Maestro, users can reliably archive their documents with PDF/A compliance.

  • Watched Folders: Automate OCR processes. Watched folders enable users to leave the OCR process unattended; files are made text-searchable by simply being dropped into a fol folder.
  • OCR Accuracy: Maestro has been tested as the most accurate English OCR available, able to locate difficult text often missed by competing products. More accurate OCR results produce more efficient document management.
  • Fast OCR: Process up to 20 pages per second
  • High Volume OCR: Maestro has been designed and engineered for high quality, enterprise level processing. Capabilities include Watched folder, batch OCR, and integration into document workflows.
  • Zonal OCR: Identify specifically zoned text within a document to OCR. Zonal OCR allows documents to be exported.
  • Convert Multiple Formats: Supports the conversion of PDF, TXT, RTF, JPG & TIFF into searchable PDF files.
  • Error Monitoring Module: When processing errors occur, the system can automatically retry the job, and produce an error log at the end of the batch.
  • Maestro supports OCR in 118 languages, including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic.
  • Run Windows emaulation using VirtualBox 3 or later (VirtualBox is freeware) Mac Users: The following are two methods in which you can run CVISION software on a Mac
  • Mac OS X running on an emulation (VM Fusion 2.0) of Windows
  • Mac running on a Windows Operating System (directly or using Bootcamp)

PdfCompressor Developer’s SDK

  • Document Management Toolkit for PDF Compression and OCR Integration

  • Many document management applications now require an imaging component as part of their turnkey solution. But without the right imaging solution, scanned documents won't transmit, web-host, or display efficiently. Compression is a key component to managing corporate PDF and/or image documents over the web within an efficient, web-compliant solution. With compression rates of up to 100x for color documents (10x for black and white), and support for OCR, headers/footers, Bates stamping, watermarks, merging, and security, CVISION's PdfCompressor Developer's SDK (Software Development Kit) can maximize the functionality of your document management application. CVISION saves your clients both time and money.

  • With CVISION's PdfCompressor Developer's SDK, the task of seamlessly integrating PDF conversion, compression, search, and web-optimization into your existing software just got simpler. With our SDK, the resulting documents and images will store smaller and transmit faster. Our imaging toolkit will enable you to offer all the advantages of PDF format with very high accuracy, OCR (searchability), and the world's best PDF-compliant compression rates for scanned documents. Software integration has never been this easy - or this good.

  • The PdfCompressor Developer's SDK allows for single and multipage conversion from TIFF, G4-encoded PDF, BMP or JPEG formats to JBIG2/JPX/MRC-encoded PDF format, as well as conversion from compressed PDF back into any of the above-mentioned formats. The compressed PDF files are viewable in Adobe Reader™ 5.0 and up. The PdfCompressor Developer's SDK supports Microsoft VB/VC++.

  • Now, you have a PDF imaging toolkit to enable your database software to navigate through scanned documents with the ease and control of electronic files.

For Industrial-Strength, Batch Automated OCR with Super-Accurate results

The OCR engine within PdfCompressor has been engineered, and designed for industrial strength, corporate volume scanning & OCR needs. Through robust functionality, PdfCompressor provides configurations for speed, volume, and automation. CVISION automates the OCR process with Watch Folder capabilities; through Watch Folders, users can leave the process unattended as documents are processed. In Watch Folder mode, files are OCR’d by simply being dropped into a folder. To accommodate large volume scanning, the Batch OCR feature within PdfCompressor enables scanned documents to be processed fast; PdfCompressor OCR processing rates are about 5 page per second.

PdfCompressor offers a variety of configurable features to make it the perfect fit for industrial strength, corporate OCR:

  • Watch Folder for an automated OCR process
  • Batch OCR for large volume
  • Fast OCR processing rates, about 5 pages/second
  • Robust Batch OCR functionality including error log files & confidence controls
  • Control output generated in 10 different formats
  • Supports OCR input of 15 different file formats including TIFF & PDF
OCR Accuracy, Reliability in PdfCompressor

The OCR engine within PdfCompressor is the most accurate OCR product available. PdfCompressor’s OCR has been tested and proven to locate difficult text often missed by competing products. The super-accurate OCR engine identifies text within low resolution captured documents, documents containing multi-directional text, and documents containing color text. More accurate OCR results translate to greater efficiency in managing scanned documents. With PdfCompressor, users are able to locate a single word within an entire multi-page document; this is analogous to finding the needle in a haystack. Time saved searching, editing, & copying text adds up to greater employee productivity within the paperless environment.

OCR Accuracy combined with File Compression

CVISION’s PdfCompressor combines the convenience of super-accurate OCR with image compression technology. PdfCompressor is capable of reducing color files up to 100 times smaller, and black & white files up to 10x smaller. Compressed files are easier to email, transmit, open, and store. PdfCompressor with OCR allows users to transmit, and open documents quickly, then begin searching and indexing on them accurately.

CVISION’s PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture: Optimize PDF files within your Kofax Workflow

CVISION’s PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture creates super-compressed (100x), web-optimized PDFs, with full multithreaded support for color capture and high accuracy OCR based text extraction.

CVISION’s PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture works to provide:
  • Color output up to 100x smaller and black & white up to 10x smaller
  • Documents that are text-searchable with super-accurate OCR
  • PDF/A compliance for reliable document archiving
  • Higher accuracy for forms processing using color capture
  • Web-optimized documents, Bates stamping, headers/footers
  • Image processing: auto-rotation, auto-inversion, auto-smoothing, de-cropping
  • Auto-proofing of the document conversion process
  • Files that can be emailed and transmitted with ease and speed
  • Files viewable by anyone using Adobe's Standard Reader—no special plug-ins required!
Control PdfCompressor using Kofax Capture:
  • Choose OCR settings based on speed or accuracy
  • Choose between Lossless or Perceptually Lossless Compression Modes
  • Choose Acrobat version compatibility of PDF (4.0 and higher)
  • Deskew, Rotate, and Invert documents
  • Customize document metadata
  • Secure documents with passwords and 128-bit encryption

CVISION Technologies has developed a Kofax Custom Module for conversion to compressed, searchable PDFs with easy integration into Kofax Capture. CVISION now allows you to optimize your Kofax workflow. PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture distinguishes itself through dramatic compression rates and super-accurate OCR.

During the conversion process, PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture generates an intelligent scanned PDF image document with an embedded OCR layer and full text searchability, all completely within the Kofax Capture workflow.

The KCM module contains a full range of functions to optimize your TIFF, JPEG and PDF files for the web. PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture is capable of PDF functions including web-optimization, Bates stamping, headers/footers, metadata insertion, security and more. You can also enhance your scanned files with image processing functions including auto-rotation, auto-inversion, and auto-smoothing. PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture possesses a super-accurate, multi-directional Turbo OCR feature, and allows for 10x Black & White (JBIG2) compression and 100x color (JPX) compression.

PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture allows users to utilize any release script that supports Kofax PDF. PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture can replace the Kofax PDF generator without losing any functionality.

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