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Intelligent Mobile Application Management

Mobile applications are essential to ensure users remain productive. With Cortado Corporate Server, every app available in the app store can be securely used for business. And no complicated app wrapping measures are even necessary.

Get Up & Running with Pushed Mail Accounts

With Cortado Corporate Server, e-mail accounts are automatically deployed to iOS users, meaning they have instant access to their account, significantly reducing helpdesk requests during setup. And administrators have no need to take additional steps when new devices are integrated into the enterprise. One of the most important aspects of device integration – corporate e-mail – occurs immediately and without any loss of productivity for users or administrators.

Simplified Administration thanks to Pushed Apps

All iOS apps can now be pushed to devices as managed apps. Enterprises decide which apps they want their corporate data to interact with, and can ensure that specific individuals, business units or the entire enterprise have an essential set of apps to work with. This is just one of many features that enable Cortado Corporate Server to create a secure container to fully protect corporate data.

Increased Security with Open In Management

Enterprises now decide which apps and accounts are permitted to share corporate data. This ensures that corporate data remains secure by allowing the option to exclude apps or accounts that the company deems unsecure, or apps in the public cloud for example. This only covers corporate data and users are in no way hindered when dealing with their private data.

Intelligent VPN Settings per App

The company chooses which iOS apps and accounts route their data through the corporate VPN tunnel. This results in a range of advantages – less bandwidth requirements are necessary, plus with an effective and easy-to-use VPN connection available for users, corporate data is transmitted far more securely. This covers corporate use, allowing employees to continue to use iOS apps such as YouTube, Skype, Vine or Spotify for personal use, without any impact on enterprise data plans, or corporate security.

User Self Service Portal reduces administrative efforts

The User Self Service Portal serves as a central platform to provide users with all relevant resources. It can be accessed by logging in through any mobile browser and enables the user to independently configure his device for business use and adjust it to his individual needs. Employees can also control security features on their own, such as changing passwords, remote wipe, remote lock as well as locating the device.

Setup of Application Blacklists

The invasion of personal apps and services into the enterprise, which is increasing with the BYOD trend, poses a significant security risk for any company. In order to protect corporate data, Cortado Corporate Server allows IT administrators to create a blacklist of apps they find most threatening. Users who install blacklisted apps will automatically be blocked from accessing the corporate network.

Secure browser for access to intranet apps

An extra secure browser is available for accessing websites and web applications on the intranet securely while mobile. It doesn’t directly access the intranet, but routes through a secure path via Cortado Corporate Server. This method ensures both user authentication and data security.

Samsung Managed Apps: Easy App Management for Samsung Devices

The Management Console can now quickly and easily push apps to Samsung devices in the enterprise. No additional installation steps are required by users. Thus, employees with Samsung tablets and smartphones are easily equipped with the apps they need over the air. At the same time, IT administrators maintain full control over all apps and files in use.

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