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Enterprise File Sharing & Collaboration

Your servers are already widely used as a sharing platform. Even without a special file sharing solution, your employees are constantly sharing files with each other. And Cortado Corporate Server doesn’t want to change this at all. It combines the classic file sharing features of your central file server with new and optimized sharing features for smartphones and tablets. The solution fully integrates mobile users into the corporate network with all its resources. Complemented by unique cloud desktop features for mobile editing and working with files, users work on the go just as on their desktop at the office.

Secure Access to the Corporate Network

On the user side, Cortado Corporate Server is supplemented by the Cortado app. As a native app for BlackBerry, Android and iOS as well as an HTML5 version for PCs, Macs, and any other web-enabled devices, it connects mobile employees to the corporate network securely and provides them with desktop functions optimized for every device. Employees remotely access all systems and resources approved for them on the corporate network. This includes network drives, e-mail systems, and databases as well as network printers and fax systems.

Smart Filing: Intelligent Mobile File Storage

If documents are to be edited with mobile devices and should then be made available for other individuals or employee groups, an efficient filing system is essential – especially where teamwork is involved. While other solutions simply block access to documents or even overwrite earlier versions when a file is edited by more than one employee, Cortado Corporate Server uses an intelligent storage algorithm: Smart Filing. The patent-pending technology enables employees to quickly and automatically save files back to their point of origin, without having to endlessly scroll through directory trees, and without versioning conflicts or a potential loss of data. At the same time, files remain accessible at all times for all team members. And thanks to Smart Filing, unnecessary file copies which are a burden on the server are also eliminated.

Smart Sharing: Simple, Secure & Data-Friendly File Sharing

Whether contracts, reports, presentations or graphics – sharing files is an essential element of daily business life. But once away from their desktop computers, employees on the go often face significant hurdles with smartphones and tablets – for example when sending a presentation with many images to colleagues or business partners. The standard solution of sending an e-mail not only burdens data volumes and mailbox storage, but is often not even possible due to limitations on attachment sizes. Not so with Cortado Corporate Server. The Smart Sharing technology enables simple, secure, data-friendly file sharing – even with those outside the company. If an external recipient is addressed, Cortado Corporate Server automatically creates a copy of the file in the cloud. The corporate network with the original file remains inaccessible from outside the company.

Use Microsoft SharePoint just like a Network Drive

With Cortado Corporate Server, employees access Microsoft SharePoint with their tablet, smartphone or notebook just as easily as any other file system. Neither a separate app nor an extra browser is required. Users can find their SharePoint directories as one of their file drives within the Cortado app and can move files easily and quickly to and from other corporate drives. An advantage that pays off, especially for iPad and iPhone users who can only save Office documents in SharePoint following editing, but would like to make these files available to their colleagues in the general file system.

Real Mobile Printing with the Leading Cloud Printing Technology

Based on its cooperation with numerous renowned partners from the Cloud Printing Alliance, Cortado offers the leading cloud printing technology. Cortado Corporate Server includes this as a complete in-house solution and gives employees the flexibility to print directly from a tablet or smartphone – no matter whether it’s on a network printer in the office or a Wi-Fi printer at a partner’s or customer’s site.

Use Windows Applications as Published Apps with iPad and iPhone

There is an app for almost everything. What about when access to a Windows application with an iPad or iPhone is required? Cortado Corporate Server also supports this scenario. Windows applications are made available in the form of published apps. These are either directly allocated to the user or provided through the User Self Service Portal. The iOS user then launches the published apps as easily as his intranet applications via the Secure Net browser.

Enterprise Search for Fast File Access

Employees quickly lose track of the thousands of files in enterprise directories. The HTML5 enterprise search feature solves this problem. Search both network and local directories for a file name, with recent search results stored temporarily. During the next search, users can therefore find their file even faster.

Desktop Features Optimized for Every Device

While on the go, employees can also access the desktop features they need with their tablets and smartphones. With the Cortado app they can conveniently manage files for example, preview data-optimized files, open them for editing in other apps, export them as PDFs or even send them to printers or fax machine. The features and handling of the app are optimally matched to the various device platforms.

Flexible iOS Printing for All Scenarios

Cortado Corporate Server offers full printing support for iOS. No matter what app, which printer or even which location – Cortado Corporate Server has the appropriate print option for iPad and iPhone users, regardless of the scenario. For example, users can print to a network printer in the company from an e-mail directly from the e-mail app, or print a web site directly from the browser, as well as print from all other apps that support native iOS printing, Using the Open In option, users can also print from applications that don’t support native iOS printing. And even in situations where users are outside the corporate network, printing to a network printer in the company is still possible.

Flexible iOS Printing for All Scenarios

Whether regional sales figures, current inventory lists or specific invoices, the Cortado app allows employees to flexibly generate database reports from the company network. By choosing various parameters, for example a precise timeframe, individual queries depending on the exact requirements can be made. An automatically generated PDF of the database report can not only be viewed by the user, it can also be printed, faxed or e-mailed as an attachment.

Up to 90% Less Data Volume Compared to other cloud desktop and file sharing solutions, the volume of mobile data transfer with Cortado Corporate Server can be reduced by up to 90%. The basis for this is an intelligent compression algorithm, the data-optimized file preview, and the server-side execution of most file operations. This makes the solution not only faster but also saves money, especially when travelling abroad.

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